In the 1960's, someone in the US government came up with the phrase "Keep It Simple, Stupid" to guide their operations. Since then, the acronym "K.I.S.S." has become part of our popular lexicon to remind us not everything deserves over-complication. Somethings are left better simple.

For weeks, I have been teaching a stewardship series at Covington Community Church consistently emphasizing these two points: 1) every good gift we have comes from God, and 2) we are to be caretakers of all God has given. For me personally, I want my life to produce the kind of fruit that makes it possible for people to know more about God's love so they can know Jesus, too. But I also know that there is nothing within me that can make that possible except for what Jesus has already placed in me.

That brings me to John 15:5.

"I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

For weeks now, I've been struggling with sickness that has sapped my strength, leaving me feeling empty and lethargic. Like me, you're familiar with the day-to-day challenges that come from trying to work and take care of responsibilities while feeling like you've got nothing within you to give. Some days we just feel empty.

Do you know how to get the air out of an empty glass? It's simple. Pour water into it. And that's what Jesus has done for us. Stewardship isn't really about me; it's about what God has given me....and he's given me Jesus. "Live in me, and I in you, and you will bear much fruit." When we are grafted into the vine, the heart of Jesus begins to work in us to give as we have been given.

He fills us up with himself, and where we go, he is going.