Sitting On Your Assets

In WW2, some bomber pilots began to see something peculiar on some of their bombing raids into German territory. The flak they were used to being hammered with was not always exploding. On occasion, the shells would just punch holes in the fuselage without bursting. Upon landing, the crews began to examine these crumpled, unexploded shells and found something curious. In some of the shells, they found small, hand-written notes similar to this one: "We are Polish POW's -- forced to make shells in factory. When guards do not look, we do not fill with powder. It's not much, but is best we can do."

"It's not much -- but is best we can do." For those Allied crews, it seems the "small" acts of the Polish POW's had a rather large impact [pun intended].

The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25 reminds us that Jesus has placed within those who follow him a deposit of trust -- the Gospel itself! He has left us to carry on his work in his place, and the "various forms of God's grace" [1 Peter 4:10] that we've received are a gift from him to be used for his great purposes.

When we underestimate ourselves and attempt to disqualify ourselves from serving Jesus Christ and using what we've been given, we are really underestimating God's gift within us. We think our prayers, service, and words are insignificant. We couldn't be more wrong. The gift within us is all we need!

On Sunday, I asked our church get off their "assets" and circle up around the room. I asked them to look at each other and to recognize the Gospel which has been deposited in each one. I reminded them each of us are uniquely gifted and designed for God's service and that everything we needed to follow God's lead was already within us.

We are complete in Christ. Just as small churches can feel they are lacking, small people can feel they are lacking. We are not lacking!

What will we do with what God has deposited within each of us?