Interwoven: The Trinitarian Conspiracy to Bring Us Back to God's Community

There is more to God than any of us can fully know or explain or share with others, but God gives us glimpses of himself (and in doses we can probably handle) in what we have come to call the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit -- three persons, one God! Through God's revelation of himself, the inaccessible God becomes accessible and the distant God comes close.

Interwoven, each distinct but united personality of God has conspired together to bring humanity back into relationship with God. The Father, who has given us life, sought us out because of his love. The Son, who came to reveal God's will, bought us with a steep price his love was willing to pay. The Holy Spirit, who comes to enable us and equip us for God's great work, teaches us to follow Christ and fills us with God's presence.

Interwoven, as we trust God's good work on our behalf, our lives enter into relationship with God and we are brought into His community -- a community shared by all those who trust Christ which is experienced in both the Universal and local church. Our lives begin to intermingle with those who were formerly strangers as we are united in God's love.

Interwoven, we are also united with God in carrying out his will on earth. We become co-conspirators in reaching out to others with the love of God found in Jesus. We make it our mission to bring a little light into darkness, a little hope into despair, a little peace into chaos, a little sustenance into hunger, a little life into death. We welcome and invite others to join us on our journey of faith as we follow Jesus.

God gives us a wonderful glimpse of the way community is meant to be lived as we see the way the Godhead relates to each other, the way God relates to us, and the way we relate to one another.

I look forward to our new summer series and our opportunities to grow together as a community of faith!