Baptism Sunday!

On Sunday, September 13th as a part of our Worship, we will celebrate the baptism of some in our church family who want to make this public declaration of their faith in Jesus! This is awesome!

In our faith tradition, baptism is something a person chooses for themselves, a conscious decision to redirect their life toward Jesus. It celebrates God's forgiveness and marks a shift in loyalty to Jesus Christ. It marks the beginning of new life as a Christian.

We baptize by immersion -- that means we dunk you! As you are immersed in water, we symbolize the burial of the old self and raising into new life, reenacting the burial and resurrection of Jesus himself.

If you are interested in publicly declaring your faith through the waters of baptism and would like to experience baptism for yourself and by your own conscious decision, speak with Pastor Mark soon.

We are thankful for new life!