The Trinitarian Conspiracy

Some people don't believe man landed on the moon or that there was a single shooter in the Kennedy assassination. Some don't believe the holocaust really happened or that the Pentagon was hit with a jetliner on 9-11. Some don't believe Paul McCartney is living and that he died in a car accident in 1966. Some don't believe the government added flouride to our water to strengthen our teeth but to subdue the population into mindless obedience.

Conspiracy theories make it easier for some people to accept things they find hard to believe. There are alternative theories for just about everything, and that's true with the Bible as well. Some say the Trinity was made up by the early church and that there is little proof for the existence of the Trinity in scripture. I disagree completely.

Dr. Oliver Sacks, a British neurosurgeon, tells the story of one of his elderly patients who had suffered a massive stroke in the back of her brain, leaving her with an unusual deficit. She lost her ability to pay attention to anything on her left. Consequently, she could only put lipstick on the right side of her mouth and eat food that was on the right side of her plate. Her nurses learned to turn her plate midway through her meal so she could eat her fill. Her perception was permanently altered.

Our understanding of who God is can be limited and altered when we fail to see the fullness of God express in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When we look at the Trinity, we see just how involved and engaged God is. Some see God as remote, distant, and impersonal, but he is close -- for us, in us, and working through us.

John 15:1-17 beautifully illustrates how woven our lives are with God. We see that God is at work for us, at work in us, and works through us. When we are plugged into the Source, we will be committed to creating a culture in which people can interact with God as they interact with us. Can people's lives be transformed by the Spirit of Christ among us?

As we are brought into God's community -- in-grafted into the Vine -- our lives will bear fruit. His purposes will become our purposes, his mission our mission.

There is another narrative to this story of man than what we've been told. It is a narrative written by God to accomplish a greater good -- the restoration of God's community. By his grace, we are welcomed in to his community and invited to become co-conspirators with Christ.

We are part of the Trinitarian Conspiracy.