Kid's Ministry Revitalization

Between now and late September, you will have opportunity to lend some time to preparing our new space for our children's ministry here at Covington Community Church. We will need people who can clean, paint, and prepare our space for a healthy, creative, and simple ministry to our kids.

Additionally, we are starting a rotation of four teams (of 2 each) to lead our kids ministry once a month. Typically, our children gather for 40 minutes during Sunday morning worship following the Kid's Message. While in class, we want them to enjoy learning stories about Jesus and be given opportunities to reinforce their learning through songs and creative arts.

We are not looking for professionals in the field of education but people who can love and serve all the children God has entrusted to us.

Can we count you in for helping our little ones with either your assistance in preparing our new space or with a once-a-month commitment to teaching & leading? It's one of the most important things we can do!