Is there anyone I need to forgive?

Have I been patient with the imperfections of others?

How do I treat those who I think are unkind and unreasonable?

Am I doing anything that would cause other people to stumble?

Do other people see me as reliable and a person who keeps their word?

Do I find fault with others frequently?

Am I trustworthy? Can I keep the confidences of others?

How am I treating my co-workers?

Am I feeding my life with God's word?

Do I make room in my busy schedule for worship?

Am I faithfully committed to my church family?

Have I honored my commitments to others?

Do I cultivate grace, love, mercy, and generosity in my life?

Am I willingly and intentionally participating in sinful or destructive behavior?

Am I committed to following Jesus Christ?

Do I have control of my tongue?

Do I engage in gossip or slander?

Do I work for the unity of my church or work against it?

Do I insist on getting my own way?

Am I grateful, and do I show appreciation toward others?

Do I try to understand people or am I quick to judge?

Am I quick to acknowledge my own faults and ask for forgiveness?

Am I holding any grudges?

Am I holding on to the past?

Am I willing to be flexible and adapt to changing needs?

Am I walking humbly with God?

Is my family receiving my best?

Am I cultivating healthy friendships?

Am I hungry for power and control over others?

Is my life a blessing to others?

Am I thoughtful and considerate of others?

Am I doing to others what I would like them to do to me?

How am I doing with welcoming and including other people in my life and church family?

Do I expect to receive from others without being willing to share with others?

How's my self-respect?

Am I making room for celebration, joy, and laughter in my life?

Do I take enough time for rest and relaxation?

Is my life filled with too much stuff, too many obligations, and too much stress?

Do I trust Christ enough to follow him?