Struggle and the Cross

I get to serve a group of Christians whose questions and hunger for truth always leads us into interesting conversation and faith-filled times together. Our image-driven culture demands a polished, pre-packaged Jesus , so it is refreshing to me to be around believers who ask their questions, express their doubts, and search for truth.

I saw many in my church last Sunday morning trying to come to grips with the crucifixion of Jesus, some of whom couldn't hide their grief. It's refreshing to be surrounded by those who are trying to wrap their hearts and minds around its unfamiliarity and to be disturbed by something that -- quite frankly -- is disturbing.

The death of Jesus wasn't a tidy, mild inconvenience but a painful, barbaric slaughter. The powers of that day thought for sure the cross would expose Jesus for who he was -- a weak, fake Messiah. Instead, it exposed our violent and barbaric corruption and our need for God. And it revealed God's determined love for us!

I can appreciate the gravity of the struggle, and I am thankful I have a church family with growing believers who are asking questions and learning to follow Jesus.

I love my church.