Do you still not understand?

There were three old widows who were sisters, and they lived together. Like all of us, they found themselves getting more and more forgetful. One night, sister One went to head upstairs for bed but only got half way up before she stopped and asked, "What was I going up here for?" Sister Two had the munchies and decided to make a sandwich, but when she got to the kitchen, she shouted out to her sisters, "What did I come in here for?" Sister Three heard enough and said to the other two, "What's wrong with you, two? I'm glad I'm not as forgetful as you", knocking on wood. Then she got up, walked to the door, and asked, "Who is it?"

We all struggle with forgetfulness, some of us more than others. The disciples of Jesus were no different. Shortly after Jesus had miraculously turned a few loaves of bread into enough to feed 4,000 people, Jesus was in a boat on the Sea of Galilee with his disciples who had forgotten to bring some bread to eat on the journey. When Jesus started to warn them about the influence of the Pharisees, his followers assumed he was upset about forgetting the bread.

Guys, Jesus just multiplied 7 loaves of bread to feed 4,000 souls. Don't you think he's got this?

Jesus was obviously frustrated and launched a series of questions aimed at his followers about why they didn't seem to get it.

I'm not going to give the disciples a hard time here. How many times in my life has God shown up and provided for me just what I needed? He's proved himself over and over to me -- but I still want a sign the next time things get tough.  It's easy for us to forget what God has already done.

We get pre-occupied.

We lose focus.

We forget.

I can be so short sighted, so it's good to be reminded to stop, look up, and remember how faithful God has been to faithful he has been to us!