"I'm Disappointed"

Life is never quite what we imagined it would be, is it? Many of us are living with shattered dreams and disappointment with life's circumstances.

Been there.

I could fill many paragraphs outlining my life's greatest disappointments, but unlike those who were in church on Sunday, I'll spare you those details here. It is sufficient to say that life is never quite what we hope for. It's fickle. It's constantly fluctuating. It's frustrating. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can't make sense of it.

But hear me: God redeems!

Here are a few thoughts from Psalm 37 that give us hope when we are disillusioned:

1] Do good anyhow (37:3). If life is not going to way you hoped, keep doing good. Ships don't sink because of rough water around them; ships sink when the water gets in them. It's important that we don't let what's happening around us get in us and sink us. Remember, your disappointing circumstances won't last forever, so don't let your life be crippled by disappointment. Keep doing good.

2] Trust God in your journey, wherever it takes you (37:5). I certainly didn't expect to end up in Upper Left USA (or Ireland or teaching inner city high school in Colorado). Wherever we find ourselves, good things can come from it when we trust God. The seed of the dandelion gets blown with the wind, but even it blossoms where it lands.

3] Wait patiently on God (37:7). Waiting on God is not a passive act; it is an act of moving forward as we serve. We don't sit on our backsides waiting for something good to come along. Keep serving. We may not see what God is doing, but be assured, He is doing something.

4] Get up when you stumble (37:23). This isn't a statement about self-determination; this is an affirmation of God's work in your life. "He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand." With Christ as our foundation, we may slip and stumble, but we won't fall. Continually through scripture, God reminds his people "I am with you always".

I am with you.

Disillusioned with life? Do good anyhow. Trust God in your journey, wherever it takes you. Wait patiently on God. Get up when you stumble.

Oh, and here's one more thing to remember: where you're at now is not where you'll always be. You will get past this.

God redeems.