Love Feast is Coming

Our Love Feast is one of the most unique times of worship we have at Covington Community Church. The Bible tells us that on the night Jesus was betrayed, he shared an intimate meal with his closest companions. He offered them bread and some wine as tangible symbols of his broken body and spilled blood. Before he did that, he got up from the table and washed his disciples feet -- a common custom, but not one done by the master of the house. We think it's important to follow the example and teachings of Jesus, so that's why we find it difficult to separate Jesus's example of service from the bread and the cup. He linked them together; so do we.

If you've never been a part of our Love Feast, here are the four things you can expect:

PREPARATION: Every Love Feast begins with an opportunity for us to look within ourselves and confess to God our need for him. This is often done in silence.

FELLOWSHIP MEAL: We eat together. The whole service takes place around tables, so we share a substantial meal together, enjoying each other's good companionship and conversation, just as Jesus and his companions enjoyed one another.

FEETWASHING: Jesus got up from the table and began to wash the feet of his friends. It was an awkward yet beautiful moment for them; and it is an awkward and beautiful moment for us. You are given the option to participate or not, but those who do are often renewed by the experience of having served and having been served by those we love.

COMMUNION: Just as Jesus broke the bread and passed the cup, so do we. We pause at the end of our time together to remember the gift of his sacrifice on the cross.

Love Feast is both sacred and common. We worship around a common meal with common folks in our common faith, and our acts of service and remembrance take our hearts and minds to Jesus.

You are warmly invited to the Lord's table on Thursday, April 13th at 6:30 pm.