Word-Keeper [Matthew 24:14]

What is Jesus saying to His church?

He is a word-giver. He gives us His Word in the scriptures, He shows us His Word in Jesus, and He counsels us in His Word through the Holy Spirit. He is a word-giver, and He is a word-keeper.

Check out this brief history of how God has kept His word:

God gave His word to Abraham that all people on earth would be blessed through him. He promised Abraham that his offspring would become a nation blessed by God. He gave His word to Abraham, and He kept His word to Abraham.

God gave His word to Israel that Messiah would come to them. Through Abraham’s line, Jesus was born…not as a gift just for Israel, but for the whole earth. God gave His word to Israel, and He kept His word to Israel.

God gave His word to the followers of Jesus that the Holy Spirit would come. At Pentecost, the Church was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit continues with us today. God gave His word to His people, and He kept His word to His people.

God gave His word to the Church that His message (the Gospel) would be preached over the whole earth. And guess what? In our day this has happened! In Matthew 24, Jesus told His disciples what they could look for before He returns, and one of those promises (verse 14) is that His Gospel would be communicated over the whole earth. This has never happened before in world history, but it is happening now! God gave His word to the Church, and He has kept His word to the Church.

And do you know what He promised next? That He would come back again. And He always keeps His word!

On Sunday, our church of Americans, Koreans, Fijians, Chinese, Scots, and Nigerians were led in worship by Matsiko World Orphan Choir whose members are from Liberia, Nepal, India, and Peru. We worshipped together, all followers of Jesus Christ. We had a glimpse of heaven with many tongues and nations praising the One True God!

The nations have heard the what God has wanted to say to them.

He is a word-giver, and He is a word-keeper!