A Faithful Witness [2 Corinthians 5:11-20]

What were we created for? What is the mission that drives us as a church? We have to know it. Otherwise, we spend all our time chasing after ‘shiny’ distractions. Why does the church exist? To worship God, to build on the Word of God, and to be His witnesses.

Curly, in the move “City Slickers” [1991] knew what his ‘one thing’ was, and most of the movie was about a middle-aged guy named Mitch who was trying to figure out his ‘one thing’. What is our one thing? What is that thing we were created for? We need to know the answer to this question, and we will read 2 Corinthians 5:11-20 to help us figure out what it is.

Paul, the man who wrote these verses, had a lot of adversaries, and many of them thought he had lost the plot. They regarded his way of life and his witness for Jesus as a form of insanity. After all, he had traded his life of prestige and position as a Pharisee for shipwrecks, imprisonment, beatings, and heart-break.

But Paul doesn’t deny being a bit off his rocker. Instead, he embraces it. But what’s more insane? Embracing the insanity or spending all your precious time and energy trying to prove you are not insane?

Ever feel like the odd one out? It feels crazy to believe something contrary to everyone else. It feels crazy to follow Jesus in a culture full of people who could care less about it. We need to embrace the fact that choosing the way of Jesus — and His mission for our life — is going to be judged as crazy…or even dangerous.

The reason why Paul was able to embrace being the odd man out was because he was compelled by the love of Christ (5:14a). We do a lot of crazy stuff for love. And Paul said it is the kind of love that changes us. It resets old patterns, reshapes old mindsets, rebuilds broken lives, removes old history, and renews old hearts. It brings real change to our thinking, behaving, and understanding…

…and it changes our ONE THING.

In 5:18-20, Paul lets us know what our one thing must be. He has entrusted the message of reconciliation to us. The Father is making his appeal through us to the world to be reconciled to God. This is our job. This is our purpose. This is our mission.

What is Jesus calling us to? To be his faithful witnesses.

We were created for God, so let’s love and serve Him. Our ONE THING is Jesus, so let’s trust and follow Him. Our motivation is His love for us, so let’s get on with what He is calling us to.