Come Curious [Matthew 2:1-12]

I wonder if there is anyone of us who can fully understand the depth of the love of the Father for us in sending Jesus to us? We’re so familiar with this story, especially as it is encased in so much nostalgic familiarity this time of year. Brennan Manning said that “the infant Jesus was a humble, naked, helpless God who allowed us to get close to him.”

He has allowed us to come close through Jesus.

Tozer said, “Before a man can pursue God, God must first have sought the man.” In other words, we can only come to Jesus because he has come to us! We could not have made that leap on our own. He went on to say, “We pursue God because — and only because — He first put an urge within us that spurs us to the pursuit.”

In Matthew 2, we read the familiar story of the journey the magi made to the Christ child. They came looking because they were already on some sort of a search. They were watching, and a curious star caught their attention, leading them to Jesus. The curiosity of the magi led them on an actual pursuit, not just an intellectual exercise. They didn’t just believe something wonderful had happened; they left the comfort of home not knowing where they were going. Curiosity takes courage!

God’s people don’t have a single ‘come to Jesus’ moment but a lifetime of come to Jesus moments! If you are like me, we can become neglectful of God, getting caught up in the day to day. Sometimes the beauty and wonder of God is hidden to us behind our other pursuits and experiences in life. For some, it is difficult to push past those distractions, and we end up blocking Him off.

But there is a curiosity created in the human spirit that is meant to draw us outside of ourselves and toward a deeper, more purposeful meaning of life. And we believe that life is found only in Jesus! The prophet Isaiah said that this Messiah who would come to us would be called, among other things, WONDERFUL. He would inspire the lives of untold numbers who would trust in him, pursue him, and follow him.

Seeking Jesus everyday requires us to push through all the experiences and distractions that divert the affection of our hearts away from him. We need a star to rise in our hearts again, one that compels us to approach the Light with wonder and curious faith, one so bright that there can be no confusing its origins as it illuminates our way and leads us to Jesus.

Come to Jesus, but come curious, not with just an intellectual acceptance but with curious and determined followership.