Come [Christmas Eve Service]

We need to see just how remarkable his coming is.

The rift between a holy God and a sinful world is unimaginably great and impossibly traversed. We cannot get from here to there, from us to him. The sinful cannot reach the holy. We think the Grand Canyon is a chasm too deep to cross, but even that vast canyon has nothing on the chasm that exists between us and God, between those who want to live and the Life-giver, between those who are empty and the Filler, between those who are hungry and the Satisfier, between the curious and the Answer.

We’ve tried to get to him without him. We’ve established empires to challenge his kingdom. We’ve built towers to reach him and make a name for ourselves. We’ve lived our lives hoping our good outweighs our bad in order to win his favor. And we’ve convinced ourselves we can be like God — or that we are gods — crafting our own idols of self-importance.

But we can’t get it done. It’s an insurmountable gap. It’s a hole we’ve dug and continue to shovel.

But hallelujah, the Father is not content with being separated from his children! He is not bridled by our limitations. The chasm that is tooo wide and deep for us is easy bridged by his great love. While we cannot get to God on our own, he can come to us.

And he has.

He told us he would, and with the birth of Jesus, God was with us in a way we had not seen since Eden. The Holy came to the sinful. The Life-giver breathed life into the dead. The Filler poured new wine into our empty cups. The Satisfier served the Bread of Life to the starving. The Answer was given to the curious. He has come to us in Jesus, bridging the chasm with the out-stretched arms of his crucified son.

And he said he will be coming again.

He told us he would. He keeps breaking into our darkness with his light. And one day soon, he will end our scheming empires, tear down our vain towers, redeem his righteous ones, and put everything in its perfect place under his forever authority, love, and Presence.

He has come to us, and he is coming again.

It’s what he does.