A Prayer: Feeling vs. Knowing

Sunday as we prayed together, we contrasted what we feel with what we know. Several people asked us to post the prayer here, so here it is:

"We are convinced of your goodness, Father. When we feel uncertain of our identity in this world, we know who we are in Christ. When we feel incapable to do what is right and good, we know you live within your people and you can lead us to follow you. When we feel compressed by darkness and death, we know you are the one who can break death's grip over us. When we feel hopelessness and despair regarding tomorrow, we know you are the One who will raise us. When we feel cut off and isolated, we know you have completed the adoption process and made us your own. When we feel shaken and uncertain about the things we cannot see -- and we struggle to find faith -- we know you have already guaranteed our inheritance. When we feel weak and helpless, we know you are with us to help us. We often feel uncertain, incapable, compressed, hopeless, isolated, insecure, and weak -- but we know you are God and that you are very good."

[Based on Romans 8]