Reclaim Sunday


“Here we are, at a place God has given, a corner of Covington carved out for the Kingdom of God before Covington even existed. Here we are, in these old buildings, buildings that are showing their age and even confound us. But here we are until the Lord leads us elsewhere.

This building is just block and mortar, wood and nails, wire and windows. I’m not interested in asking God to bless cement block. But I will ask him to bless the LIVING STONES that make up this house of God — the followers of Jesus who call this place home, the ones who gather within its walls to grow in Jesus and understand that the real mission lies beyond these walls. This is what I will ask God to bless.

We reclaim and rededicate this space for the glory of God and continuing of the ministry of Jesus among us until he comes.”

[Pastor Mark at the dedication of the reclaimed ‘old preschool building’, now called ‘The Root Cellar’]

Sunday, January 13, 2019